“GiveSmart.com” – Prominent Philanthropists Tell All in Williamsburg, Virginia


Now there’s a website that allows your to learn from conversations with the nation’s most prominent donors: Eli Broad, Melinda Gates, Ted Turner, and about 50 other prominent philanthropists in a series of new video interviews explain the How, What, When and Where of Charitable Giving.

With the end of year in sight and the holidays fully upon us, this is the season of giving. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to come up with causes worthy of your philanthropy, let alone those you can trust to be good stewards of your contributions.

When in doubt, turn to professionals for advice, right? In this case, who better to consult than the great philanthropists of our day.

Fortunately, you don’t have to try to guess, assume, or attempt psychoanalysis from afar to get sage advice from big philanthropists and donors. No, as trumpeted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy (see “The Giveaway”) and other sources, there is an interesting new resource available to all in a new website called GiveSmart.

In essence, this website lets the philanthropists speak for themselves and on whatever topic they wish. If you’re interested in charitable giving on any scale and also deciding how to go about doing it, consider consulting some of these important philanthropic voices to motivate you.


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Reference: The Chronicle of Philanthropy (November 27, 2012) “The Giveaway


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