Herb Kent’s Daughter Asks for Help to Contest His Will

Herb kentHerb Kent died at age 88 on October 22, 2016. His daughter Robbin has now launched a gofundme campaign to pay for the expected legal fees she’ll likely incur fighting the distribution of her father’s wealth.

“It is with a heavy and exhausted heart that I come to you all for assistance in these trying times. Along with losing my father, I am in the midst of a tedious legal battle over my father’s estate,” Robbin said in a post on the funding site.

The Chicago Sun-Times, in the recent article, “Famed DJ Herb Kent’s daughter is contesting her father’s will,” says that although Kent’s net worth wasn’t known at the time of his death, the Hall of Fame DJ worked for 65 years in the Chicago radio market, performed at paid gigs nationwide and taught at Chicago State University for many years. He owned at least two residences.

Robbin and her father’s longtime girlfriend, Linda Stanford, had a contentious relationship, according to the elder Kent’s friends. They also say that Kent’s mental health declined over the last few years of his life. Robbin is accusing Stanford of manipulating her father in his last years. Robbin argues that they weren’t married, and her father had dementia. She says Stanford took advantage of him and “ran amuck.”

According to the will filed in the county probate, signed by Herbert R. Kent, Stanford is designated the executor of the estate, with his longtime radio producer as the successor executor (if Stanford is unable to fulfill her role). Robbin and Kent’s only grandchild were both left out of the will entirely.

Robbin said she intends to fight for what she believes is rightfully hers.

“I don’t think my father would have wanted his only heir to be left out with nothing. That makes no sense,” she said.

Reference: Chicago Sun-Times (June 8, 2017) “Famed DJ Herb Kent’s daughter is contesting her father’s will”


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