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A Will Signed a Week Before Death Casts Suspicions

                              A Will Signed a Week Before Death Casts Suspicions It’s like something out of Hollywood: the will signed by guitarist Oli Herbert just one week before his death has drawn police attention, both for the nature of his death and the will...

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This Pet Trust is for the Birds!

Pet Trusts are increasingly popular in the United States, as states have changed laws to make them possible. One woman in New York even left a small fortune for her birds. Leslie Ann Mandel really loved her cockatiels, all 32 of them. She loved them so much that she...

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Can I Really Afford to Retire?

As one commercial relates, planning for retirement is no easy task so it should not be surprising that some people just don’t plan, hoping somehow things will just work out. Need I tell you that no plan is, in fact, a terrible plan?  It is hard to believe that just...

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Sheryl Sandberg Takes ‘the Giving Pledge’

Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook COO, and SurveyMonkey board member signed the Giving Pledge. While philanthropy should not be defined by how much you give, you have to admit that 'the Giving Pledge", which a commitment by the “world wealthiest individuals and  families...

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How the Rich Get Richer

Sadly, Paul Allen has died after a protracted battle with cancer.  Allen was a shrewd financier whose estate, remarkably, is unlikely will owe the IRS any of his $20 billion estate.  Now that is an estate plan that works!! In the 1980s, when Paul Allen learned he was...

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Time for a Trust Review

Trusts are not created equal; make sure your estate plan will work when it needs to. You may have a trust that no longer serves its purpose. This happens for a few different reasons: Poor Set-up. The drafting attorney didn’t listen or understand to your wishes. Too...

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The Consequences of Aging

As Baby Boomers continue to come of age (old age, that is), and genetic testing gets better at predicting what our future health might look like, there are facts you need to know and myths that need to be uncovered. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, one in...

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Litigation Resolves Tupac’s Estate Issues

It took five years and thousands of dollars in legal fees but the issue of who gets the royalties from Tupac Shakur's unpublished music is finally resolved.    In 2013, Entertainment One company was sued by Tupac’s estate alleging that the company was keeping his...

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Corporate Trustee Versus a Family Member

It is not unusual for most of us when creating our estate plan to consider naming a friend or relative with a background in finance or law to be the Successor Trustee for our trust, but there is an important alternative worth consideration. When it comes to naming a...

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