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Life Insurance: Is It Part of a Good Plan?

Life insurance can be useful in paying off debt, covering funeral costs and serving as a useful resource so that estate proceeds or any one person’s savings don’t have to be tapped. Life insurance may be the least sexy part of the transition from one farming...

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Information Means Power in Retirement

Most people who work for a living dream of retirement. However, for many workers, the idea of retirement comes with its own worries. Will there be enough money? Will I be healthy enough to enjoy it? It should come as no surprise that money and health are the two...

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The Single Baby Boomer: A “Solo Ager”

As we age, being single is not as much fun as it was in our twenties.  In fact, “Solo Agers”, as they are now known, face unique challenges, as their needs begin to change. Did you know that a study from the Pew Research Center says about 20% of the 75 million baby...

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The New Normal: No Savings In Retirement

Working Americans are completely unprepared for retirement. The National Institute on Retirement Security is a non-profit research and educational organization that focuses on the development of public policies that help retirement security in America. A recent report...

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Living with Dementia

One family’s personal story of dementia and its devastating impact. When a loved one receives a diagnosis of dementia, the family has to begin immediately planning for the present and the future. It is a difficult journey. This family shares its experience to help...

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No Will? Here’s the Way!

It’s understood that everyone needs an estate plan; in fact, it's so important that if you don't create one the government will! Don’t be one of those people who procrastinate;  it won’t result in a happy memory! Celebrities aren’t the only ones who fail to plan for...

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Life Insurance: How Much is Too Much?

For most people, when it comes to life insurance, one large policy is enough. However, what if your life is not like everyone else’s? How do you know how much coverage you need? Most people never really think about adding more life insurance, once they buy a policy....

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Social Security at Age 62 Makes Sense for Some

If you’re living on your retirement savings, while waiting to start taking Social Security benefits to full retirement age or even age 70, you might be costing yourself thousands in taxes. Good Grief! You’ve worked your whole life and paid taxes on those earnings. Now...

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Life After Death

Have you thought about what happens to the world you leave, your family and friends and your possessions, after you die? You should devote time and energy to what happens right here on earth after you die.  No, not just because it’s the right thing to do; because you...

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How to Avoid Elder Abuse

It’s great that overall our life expectancies have increased, but with longer lives, comes a greater risk of bad choices and financial elder abuse. There are steps you can take to protect those you love. As we age, so does our brain. Even high functioning retirees,...

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Documents to Cure a Headache

Posted on November 20, 2018
Have you done your estate planning homework? Make sure that you created these most important

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