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When Can I Afford to Retire

   When I Can Afford to Retire? The period before retirement is a time when people dream about what the future might hold. They also worry because who hasn’t heard the stories about retirees who return to work because they retired too early? It’s no surprise then that...

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Who get’s the Family China?

  Unlike financial assets, which can generally be divided easily amongst heirs, tangible personal property is unique. And the complexity of distributing a lifetime’s worth of possessions is something that many people overlook. Sometimes, planning for the money and...

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Will New Rules Help Applications Move Faster?

Will New Rules Help Applications Move Faster? Following the adoption of new rules, there is reason to hope that these three new processes will speed up cases. It took more than a year and a half, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that new appeals...

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Actress Edie McClurg is Battling Dementia

Actress Edie McClurg is Battling Dementia With an acting career that spanned four decades, Edie McClurg is battling dementia. Her family is trying to obtain court intervention so that they can step in to manage her affairs. Neurological tests have shown that 67-year...

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Be Prepared for a Long Life

    Be Prepared to Live a Long Life Florida wins for retirement relocation. It’s inexpensive to live in the Sunshine State, the weather’s good if you don’t mind a lot of humidity and air conditioning, and taxes are low. If you’re going to have a three-decade-long...

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The Redstone Saga Has Been Resolved

 The Redstone Saga Has Finally Been Resolved With a decision by the court that he did have the mental capacity to amend his trust in 2015 and 2016, along with certain settlements, the very ugly public battle over the 95-year old media mogul has ended. The court’s...

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A Will Signed a Week Before Death Casts Suspicions

                              A Will Signed a Week Before Death Casts Suspicions It’s like something out of Hollywood: the will signed by guitarist Oli Herbert just one week before his death has drawn police attention, both for the nature of his death and the will...

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This Pet Trust is for the Birds!

Pet Trusts are increasingly popular in the United States, as states have changed laws to make them possible. One woman in New York even left a small fortune for her birds. Leslie Ann Mandel really loved her cockatiels, all 32 of them. She loved them so much that she...

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Can I Really Afford to Retire?

As one commercial relates, planning for retirement is no easy task so it should not be surprising that some people just don’t plan, hoping somehow things will just work out. Need I tell you that no plan is, in fact, a terrible plan?  It is hard to believe that just...

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