not cheating

Cheaters Never Win

These cases confirm a perhaps obvious intuition—that fraudulent transfers can prove counter-productive at best, and disastrous at worst. In these difficult economic times, with so many Americans out of work and many under-employed through no fault of their own, there is a strong temptation to look for an easy way…

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Mary Tyler Moore
Estate Planning

Mary Tyler Moore Knew How to Estate Plan

When actress Mary Tyler Moore was told she had diabetes, her doctors gave her a 50-50 shot at living another 35 years. A well designed estate plan means that her heirs, most likely her husband and her signature causes, will  benefit handsomely from her business savvy.

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grandma's China

Who get’s the Family China?

 Unlike financial assets, which can generally be divided easily amongst heirs, tangible personal property is unique. And the complexity of distributing a lifetime’s worth of

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death & taxes

Death & Taxes

There are estate taxes, inheritance taxes, and final taxes that all must be addressed when a person dies. What taxes must be paid and how

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