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Estate Planning for New Parents; A Baby-Proof Checklist

   Estate Planning for New Parents Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Rather, it is something that all parents (and people, really) should consider. After all, it’s not about you anymore, but about your beautiful child and life, you will provide for...

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Attorney In Fact: Do You Really Understand the Role?

                              Attorney in Fact: Do You Really Understand the Role? It is an honor for a family member or a trusted friend to ask you to serve as their Attorney-in-Fact under their power of attorney.  However, not everyone should say yes to serving! The...

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Death & Taxes

                                           DEATH & TAXES There are estate taxes, inheritance taxes, and final taxes that all must be addressed when a person dies. What taxes must be paid and how much must be paid depends upon the size of the estate and what state the...

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Why Life Insurance Works Best in a Trust

        Why Life Insurance Works Best in a Trust Life insurance can help heirs avoid having to incur expenses like estate taxes, funeral costs, and similar expenses. However, it also gives heirs breathing room so they can make the best use of other assets. Here is an...

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Why Does My Estate Plan Need to Be Reviewed?

 Why Does My Estate Plan Need to Be Reviewed? People think of estate plans as one-off documents, but they should think of them more like cars. Estate plans need maintenance, oil changes, tune-ups and if there’s an accident, repairs. As life progresses, you’ll go...

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When Can I Afford to Retire

   When I Can Afford to Retire? The period before retirement is a time when people dream about what the future might hold. They also worry because who hasn’t heard the stories about retirees who return to work because they retired too early? It’s no surprise then that...

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Who get’s the Family China?

  Unlike financial assets, which can generally be divided easily amongst heirs, tangible personal property is unique. And the complexity of distributing a lifetime’s worth of possessions is something that many people overlook. Sometimes, planning for the money and...

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