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Honoring the Estate Plan

        Honoring the Estate Plan   In an ideal world, wills and estate plans should be honored by our loved ones. But we don’t live in an ideal world, thus will contests are a reality. The best way to avoid a will contest is to have a well-written will, prepared by a...

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Pitfalls of Planning: Learning What You Don’t Know

                                       Pitfalls of Planning: Learning What You Don’t Know   Family members who are overtaken with grief are often unable to move forward and make decisions. If a house was not being well maintained while the parent was ill or aging, it...

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June is Estate Planning Month

       I have designated June as Estate Planning Month.  Why? Two critical life events occur in June: weddings and graduations. Having a power of attorney is a critical document to have.  This is the time to begin to take on some of the responsibilities of adulthood...

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Do Courts “Respect” Handwritten Wills?

Why leave your estate subject to the whims of the court? In Virginia, hand written wills are valid only if they meet all of the statutory requirements for execution of a valid will. The will must be: Written wholly in the handwriting of the testator (the person making...

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Estate Planning in the Digital Age

 Estate Planning in the Digital Age                                                                                          With most bank customers receiving financial statements electronically instead of on paper, there are some actions you need to take to be sure...

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Estate Planning for New Parents; A Baby-Proof Checklist

   Estate Planning for New Parents Estate planning is not just for the rich and famous. Rather, it is something that all parents (and people, really) should consider. After all, it’s not about you anymore, but about your beautiful child and life, you will provide for...

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Attorney In Fact: Do You Really Understand the Role?

                              Attorney in Fact: Do You Really Understand the Role? It is an honor for a family member or a trusted friend to ask you to serve as their Attorney-in-Fact under their power of attorney.  However, not everyone should say yes to serving! The...

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Death & Taxes

                                           DEATH & TAXES There are estate taxes, inheritance taxes, and final taxes that all must be addressed when a person dies. What taxes must be paid and how much must be paid depends upon the size of the estate and what state...

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