Will Your Heirs Mishandle Their Inheritance?

You may be hesitant to leave your inheritance to an heir with a history of making bad financial decisions. We have all heard stories of someone who was left a lump sum of money but spent it too quickly due to a lack of guidance on how to use it. An estate planning attorney can help you find solutions, such as setting up a trust.

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pitfalls of planning
Estate Planning

Selling a Parent’s House

Family members who are overtaken with grief are often unable to move forward and make decisions. If a house was not being well maintained while

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Estate Planning

June is Estate Planning Month

 I have designated June as Estate Planning Month.  Why? Two critical life events occur in June: weddings and graduations. Having a power of attorney is

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Do Courts “Respect” Handwritten Wills?

It is important to note that the validity of a will is determined by state law. Although it remains to be decided whether the recently discovered handwritten wills allegedly penned by the singer are valid in Michigan, they would not be valid in Virginia. The 2014 will does not appear to be signed by Franklin at the end of the document nor did two attesting witnesses sign the document.

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